Every Woman deserves to Feel Beautiful . . .

February 6, 2017

portrait of a beautiful woman

I am a firm believer that as women we need treats. These may come in the form of cheeky chocolate, a lie-in, an early night, a shopping spree, or a bouquet of flowers. But I think the best treat of all is to be allowed to Feel Beautiful. Even if just for a day!

Life is increasingly busy; multi-tasking is taken to the extreme by most of us as we juggle childcare, work, the house, the husband, the friends, the family, fitness, shopping for food, cooking the food, and finding a bit of time just to sit. . .

So I have introduced a new Photo-Shoot called ‘Feel Beautiful’.

This 90 minute shoot is all about you. Not the kids, not the extended family and the dog, not for work. The session fee includes a makeover with my beauty artist, and 90 minutes just to be pampered and to ‘feel beautiful’ with no distractions. There will be tea and cake, cheeky chocolate and even a glass of bubbly if you wish! In this atmosphere of calm, I will create a portfolio of images of you that you will treasure; images that will showcase you at your best – feeling and looking the most beautiful you can be.

If you are approaching a big birthday, getting married, getting divorced, have just reached your target weight, or just feel like you need a lift, please get in touch and find out more.

This is not a ‘boudoir’ shoot or a ‘glamour’ shoot – its not about taking photographs as a gift for someone. It’s a chance for you to get some ‘me time’  as we take contemporary portraits of you looking gorgeous and feeling comfortable  in your favourite outfits (oh and of course it’s the perfect excuse for a girlie shopping spree!).

The cost? Just £65. Prints of your experience are available to purchase separately. And for any men still reading – you can purchase this for the lady in your life with a Gift Voucher!

Katherine x


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