Fine Art Style Portraits

May 24, 2016

garyhill1I am loving this genre, it’s such a stunningly simple and timeless way to capture our children in print. Last week I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with the very talented Gary Hill and here are some images we created on the day.

The ‘Fine Art’ style of Portraiture will hang on your wall for years to come and be enjoyed by generation after generation. The idea is that they will not go out of date or out of fashion as they are based on a traditional art form. Classical portraits painted with elegant lighting have adorned walls of homes and houses for centuries and that is what we aim to achieve for these images.

As quoted by Gary Hill last week, our generation is likely to disappear from history as everything is stored digitally and digital files are not valued highly enough – they are rarely backed up and hardly ever enjoyed past the initial social media share. Few families nowadays have printed albums to hand down to their children and large format prints from family snapshots and high street studios get ‘out of date’ so quickly as fashions move on and children grow up.


These shoots can take some pre-planning and some time acquiring clothing and props, as it’s important to get the styling just right especially if we want to incorporate something personal for the child. But the end result is so worth it.

For more information on Fine Art style Portraiture for your children please drop me an email, and check out the website for more information.

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