Our ?Little Chef’ experience makes it’s debut!

February 4, 2014

Q: What do you get if you mix pizza dough, cooked spaghetti and a box of flour with a set of 2 year old twins and a camera?

A: A huge amount of mess and lots of fun!

This week saw the debut of our ?Little Chef’ experience. Run alongside the ?Cake Smash’ for our 1 year old babies, the idea is to create some natural images of the children making and creating ?cakes’ and ?cookies’. Of course I had to throw in a couple of cute outfits and a tasty homemade chocolate cookie as a ?well done’ treat to end the session!

Fred and Maisy were the guinea pigs this week and got stuck in with great enthusiasm. The concentration in their little faces was awesome and whilst Fred enjoyed playing up to the camera, Maisy got into the ?creative zone’ and forgot all about me as she made spaghetti cakes and flour pies.  As for mum- although she coped very well with the mess at the time I think she will be hoping the twins won’t want to recreate the experience at home!!

The resulting images are lovely and capture the children’s different personalities through their interactions and expressions. I think it’s safe to say these shoots will be very popular with our 2 year olds and their mummies. The mess took a while to clean up tho- I think I might have to get the dog in to clean up the studio next time !

Katherine x

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