So you’ve had the baby photos ? what’s next? Ideas for your Family Photo-Shoot

June 17, 2015

Family Photography

The majority of my clients come to me for the first time either before their baby is born, or within the baby’s first year, and whilst our babies do grow so fast in these early days, it’s so important to keep recording their development as they move first into childhood, then into young adulthood. Family photography should be something you keep on doing as your family evolves.

re151112_13-version-2-copydsc_2963a-1-copyLater milestones to preserve on camera as a family could be the first steps, the first day at preschool, the first day at big school, the first ballet exam, the first football trophy, the first day at middle school, the first violin lesson, the first concert performance, the first gymnastics competition, the first dance show, the first day at high school, the last day of high school, then we have the rise into adulthood when the teenagers fly the nest  ? at this stage the family photography take on a whole new meaning as they bring you closer to your children whilst they are away building their own lives and finally we come full circle as they reach graduation and eventually bring their own bumps and babies to the studio.
bromsgrove53Sometimes we get so caught up in the busy schedule of daily family life ? ferrying the kids from one appointment to the next and snapping away with our iphones when we remember to do so. Why not schedule an hour every 6 months to bring the family to the studio with their costumes, certificates, trophies, uniforms and officially record their achievements professionally in the studio environment. Have some time out as a family, have some fun, freeze that moment in time.thuke-34-copy

All these important events and milestones can be re-enacted in the studio environment and immortalised forever in wall art, albums and books. These special images when printed will be proudly handed down through generations by your children to their children. You will have created a legacy all of your own. Although they are convenient, and immediate, our iphone photos will be shared, filed and then deleted. They have no longevity, they are disposable, they will be lost and forgotten. Prints from your Family Photography session in the studio will be treasured for years to come.

Invest in your family’s memories and schedule a family photography session at the studio. You could choose an album of your favourite images to hand down through generations or framed wall art to gift to grandparents, or even images on a USB to print your own keepsakes. Book one of these on a regular basis and receive a free gift at each shoot. Life goes by way too quickly so let’s capture as many memories as we can along the way ? preserve the memories and enjoy some family quality time while doing so.

Please contact us for more information.

Katherine x

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