The camera never lies?or does it?

April 22, 2015



I love photographing families. Not just young and beautiful ones, but large generational shoots, golden weddings, 80th birthday celebrations. I have clients from all walks of life visit me in my studio, who are all ages, shapes and sizes. In my eyes they are all beautiful ?models’ because they are there with their loved ones, and at a risk of sounding a bit gushy, the love between the family groups that is evident in the images we capture makes them beautiful. But as adults, we are all very critical of ourselves. Whether it’s our ?bingo wings’, a double chin, a bald patch, a big nose or just some extra weight ? everyone has something they wish they could change.

At a family photo shoot, there are two ways to approach this issue and turn it into a positive.
Firstly, tell yourself that you are being over critical. Most of the time, no-one except you notices these ?faults’ that you find with your physical appearance.  It’s far more important for our children to have a photographic record of their childhood and their relationship with you and if you delete or discard all except the most flattering images of yourself then this invaluable record will be severely lacking.

Time flies and memories fade.

That said, you really don’t want to cringe every time you walk past the large piece of Wall Art you invested in as a family heirloom!

The second approach is to make sure you inform your photographer in advance of your concerns. There are poses and camera angles that can hide and disguise pretty much any facial or bodily imperfection, and if all else fails there’s always Photoshop!

Planning is key here. It’s no good sitting in your Viewing Appointment criticising every image because your ?arms look flabby’. Tell your photographer beforehand and she will know how to position you and the camera to slim down those bingo wings! If you believe you have a ?better side’, point this out before the trigger is fired. If you are self conscious about retained baby weight, then please voice your concerns early on so that lighting and positioning can distract from these areas.

Passing on images you have collected of your growing family throughout their lives is one of the most precious gifts you can give your children. It’s important not to lose sight of that when planning your photo shoot and viewing your images.

We are capturing a moment in time that will be preserved in the photographs we keep.

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Katherine x

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