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April 4, 2017

mother and son having a cuddle“Photographs are the memories we leave behind”, and family portraits are treasured over the years by all generations. How many of you have enjoyed looking back on old photos of our parents and grandparents and thought how wonderful it is to have such memories? I know I certainly love viewing my parents as children in old black and white prints – so precious in their rarity. And even more that than I love looking at little square prints of me as a baby in shades of mustard, brown and yellow which was, I’m assured, all the rage at the time!

But my absolute favourite old photos to browse and take me on the journey down Memory Lane are the ones of my parents and I together. There’s nothing more soul-warming than images of us with our loved ones before our conscious mind thought to start recording such events.  And there is always one parent who features more than the other, as there is always one who is always behind the camera. Is this you? Maybe it’s time you stepped out of the shadows and braved the other side of the camera for a change . . .

This shoot with the lovely Rishi and his glamorous mum Jazz was bought for them by Rishi’s dad for Mother’s Day. Such a thoughtful gift. Jazz is the photographer in the family so this was her chance to collect some images of her and her baby boy that they could treasure as a family. Her favourite images in the gallery were the ones of her and her son engaging with each other, not the ones where they are both looking at the camera (me) – I am not part of their journey. I am simply the one recording it for them.

baby boy and mummy smiling together

Next time you think about booking a photo-shoot for your children, why not think again before stepping back and saying ‘ oh no, I don’t need to be in them, it’s just for the kids’, or ‘oh no, I need to lose by baby weight before I have any proper photos done’. Think forward to the future – the photos you have taken today are the memories your children will cling to when you are long gone from this world.

baby with toy instruments

Jazz looked stunning when she arrived at the studio, hair make-up beautifully applied with her and Rishi’s outfits carefully selected to compliment each others perfectly. I do offer plenty of advice on wardrobe choices, aswell as a complimentary mini-makeover for women who want some extra pampering, but please do remember that your kids won’t care if you are heavier than you want to be, or if your roots need doing, or if you don’t have anything to wear. Children see past this. They see ‘You’, and photographs give them the chance to not only remember their early years, but to remember their time with you.

baby boy playing with his mummy

Katherine x





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