How do you get the ?Look’ right?

January 22, 2014

We all love a good giggle at the concoction of outfits in old  photographs. So how do you select outfits for a family photo shoot that look good now, and will remain ?classic’ in years to come?

Creating the right ?look’ for a family photo shoot need not be a major investment of both time and money, but it is certainly worth some planning. Clothes, shoes, accessories and hair styles can all contribute to the ?wow’ or ?no!’ factor on your walls both now, and when then images are handed down through the generations.

One of the easiest things you can do to co-ordinate your family in the studio is to remove your shoes. And socks. Please don’t forget the socks! We want the focus to be on faces not feet. Bare feet in a studio image look relaxed and natural, so ladies, ensure you make time for a pedicure before the big day.

Colour co-ordination is key. It creates a feeling of calm and harmony in an image. This doesn’t meant you all have to go out and buy matching purple outfits just because little Suzy refuses to wear anything except her purple ?ra-ra’ dress. Look at the overall colour spectrum and  choose a plain blue shirt with jeans for dad, a beige dress with a lilac scarf for mum and a blue and white romper suit for the baby. And please please avoid clashing patterns and large logos. Remember, we want the focus to be on faces, not clothing. It is best to have a couple of outfit changes and to ?theme’ these for different shots ? formal wear, casual wear, sports wear etc. If you are able to co-ordinate outfits precisely, your photographer will love you!

Hats in large groups photos generally don’t work, they cast shows over other people in the shot and can dominate the frame. Save these for individual shots later in the shoot. Personal props are always good fun and are to be encouraged, but again might be better saved for smaller groups or individual shots as space may be limited and they can be a distraction.

One last word on accessories and props for children. If you don’t want the scraggy muslin cloth or favourite Disney toy in the shot, don’t let them see it! Bribes are ok, in fact they are an essential part of a toddler shoot, but if it’s food, make sure it is something they can eat quickly between shots (smarties and raisins are ideal). Removing chocolate smudges and orange crumb stains from fingers, mouths and clothing just takes up valuable shooting time.

I could go on?.but being armed with these few basic tips will help you minimise the cringe factor, and as the aim of a family photos shoot is to create lasting images that will be passed down through the generations, it’s in your best interest to help your photographer to achieve stylish images you are proud to display.

Katherine x

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