Is your baby at risk?

June 4, 2015


I have been accepted as a Pro Member of BANPAS, the Baby & Newborn Photography Association which supports baby and newborn photographers and is particularly concerned with promoting safe working practices (for the babies that is!) As a photographer there are numerous benefits of becoming a member of BANPAS such as access to training courses, insurance and financial services, but to be approved as a member you first have to prove safe working practices in your images which, for me, is such a crucial part of my job.

More and more people nowadays are picking up a camera and calling themselves professional photographers and worse – professional newborn photographers. With the advance of technology even entry level cameras can produce a somewhat acceptable image for your wall. For some people having a snapshot on their wall is enough, and to be fair, it’s certainly far cheaper than going to a respected and qualified professional for a piece of Wall Art that’s well lit, well composed, well researched and printed by a high quality lab. Each to their own.

But what concerns us most, as professional Baby & Newborn Photographers, is that the job performed by the untrained camera operator might not be done safely, with risk of injury or accident to the tiny models.
compositeThis image shows for example how to safely produce a composite image of the ?head in hands’ pose or ?froggy’ that is much talked about at the moment. This teensy model is Lydia, 4lb 11oz. She had to be handled very delicately and who is better qualified than Mum, Dad or Grandma to follow my instructions in minute, safety-conscious detail? I use a wide angle lens so I am only an arms reach away if needed. I take one shot with both hands as a back up, one shot with (in this case) Grandma supporting Lydia’s head, one with her supporting her head by holding her wrists in place, then splice them together in Photoshop. Each shot literally takes a second. Safe, secure and stunning!

Newborn baby posing takes time and patience but most of all it takes training and experience. I have attended numerous training courses led by industry experts in order to safely perfect this craft. I have taken the knowledge gained back to my studio and worked with babies of all ages and their parents to get some precious images they will treasure forever.

BANPAS also offer advice for parents looking for a newborn or baby photographer so it’s well worth checking out their website.  You can see my listing here.

If you are looking for creative and unique newborn and baby photography in a safe and nurturing studio environment, please do get in touch.

Katherine  x

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