Spring forward!

March 5, 2012

I mowed the lawn last week and started thinking about what to grow in the vegetable patch, only to see it covered with icy dew once again. We have been teased into thinking it’s spring, only to find ourselves digging out the hats and gloves again this morning! If you’re frustrated by the weather, come to the studio to escape ? it’s the perfect place to hide from the elements, we can even create a fake beach scene if you like! To encourage some Spring cheer, we have put together some special promotions for to help you spring into Spring!

Birthday Sessions
Attention spring birthdays! We have a special gift just for you! Call to book a free portrait session in April or May, and receive 4 keepsake wallet-size portraits. The studio or location shoot will last 30 minutes and you can bring friends and family with you.

Spring Special
Our Limited Edition Spring Special portrait session is the perfect way to welcome the warm weather when it comes. Set in a tranquil wildflower meadow, this session evokes a blissful memory that you can cherish for years to come. Linen dresses, flower headbands, dungarees and newsboy caps create a timeless charm. We will provide the outfits. These sessions are perfect for children ages seven months to seven years. The are available at Limited Edition pricing, with a session fee of only £30 for 45 minutes. If the weather doesn’t perform on your scheduled date, we will rearrange for another day. You have nothing to lose!

Fairytale Sessions
What child doesn’t love a good fairytale? Our Limited Edition Fairytale portrait sessions are a dream come true, with an enchanting studio set, we provide fairy costumes, wings and wands, along with dreamy drapey fabrics, a swing and bubbles. Limited Edition pricing adds another touch of magic, with a session fee of only £35 for 45 minutes. This shoot is in the studio so is not even weather dependent!

Call to reserve a session today! 01527 962022, or email info@oceaneyes.co.uk/

Katherine x

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