Yummy Mummy’s and their ?Bumps’

January 30, 2014

Our maternity images show mum and ?bump’ at their best ? naturally beautiful with a hint of glamour, and always emotionally charged. The ingredients for this recipe are planning and preparation, your photographer’s eye, a bit of Photoshop magic and a tiny bit of help!

We recommend 36-38 weeks as the best time for a Maternity shoot, as generally the ?bump’ is in it’s prime ? nicely shaped, not too many stretch marks and not too low and uncomfortable. This is not often the best time for the mum-to-be however. The last trimester is exhausting, frantically charging about trying to get everything ready and making the most of the ?free-time’ before little one arrives. This is why we are now offering a complimentary make-over for all of our Yummy Mummys.

We also use flattering lighting, a warm and comfortable studio area, private space upstairs in which to change, and some top secret tips only shared with our ladies!

The specifics about clothing and props will be discussed once the shoot is booked, but it is a good idea to have a think about the style of shots you like in advance ? some ladies prefer to remain fully clothed, others are happy to reveal ?bump’ for some close up shots, and other more daring ladies are willing to strip down to undergarments for some subtle and ?arty’ shape enhancing shots. If you are able to email thumbnails from Google images or Pinterest beforehand, this helps to make the shoot run much more efficiently on the day.

I always suggest bringing your partner / husband along and any siblings-to-be, but you may want some one-on-one time aswell so sending them off for a walk to the shop / drink in the pub / trip to the playground might be a good idea once they have played their part. Feckenham has all these amenities within walking distance from the studio. This then gives everyone a bit of breathing space!

As they leave the studio feeling pretty special from all the attention and the make-over, many of our ladies book their baby shower that afternoon or have a meal out with friends.

I always feel privileged to share these moments with our ladies ? it takes me back to being pregnant with my daughters, and I remember like it was yesterday the anticipation, fear and excitement during those last few weeks. After the maternity shoots you’ll find me waiting on tender hooks for the phone-call or message to say ?baby has arrived, when can we come in?’ And that’s a different blog altogether!

Katherine x
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