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March 12, 2012

For businesses and self employed individuals, the importance of attracting visitors to your website, and keeping them there, is assuming increasing importance as social media has altered the traditional ways of finding both customers and suppliers.


Green Space Salons, Cofton Hacket, Birmingham

Commercial photography is crucial for two reasons: firstly the decision to look past a home page is made in under two seconds so is likely to be made based on an impressive image rather than trawling through text.

Secondly, a potential new customer will need to see, feel and trust your business from the outset, so you will need to display quality images of what the business looks like aswell as the key personnel.

Your brand new website and other marketing activities will definitely help promote your business and bring in new sales, but if you haven’t invested in professional product photography, you will almost certainly be losing sales to competitors that have. Bad product photography is as equal a barrier to running a successful business as poor website design and search engine optimisation.

But the importance of quality commercial photography doesn’t just start and end with products.  Consider the important elements of your business?  Do your images reflect and convey your corporate message?  A professionally shot and contemporary portrait of the business owner and key personnel is an excellent way for your customers to get to know your company; to feel a connection and to see the face of your company.


Cloudthing Ltd, Belbroughton, Birmingham

Are you still thinking ?do I really need a professional photographer?’ Please think very carefully before ‘having a go’ yourself.  Amateur photographers have been helped by the digital revolution and the advance of pone technology, and can now take better photographs as a result, but using an amateur for your corporate photography could actually damage your business success. A quick snap by your colleague or a ‘selfie’ is unlikely to have the same positive effect on your business and on your sales, as a carefully considered, composed and professionally-shot image will have.

Good quality professional photography is an investment in your business as it will move the marketing of your product or service up a gear, help realise your business potential and leave your competitors standing. The next time your company needs professional business portrait photography for PR, annual reports, brochures, company publications, websites, events marketing, please get in touch. I can photograph your people and products and visualize your company values, either in my Redditch studio, or at your commercial premises.

Special Friends Vets, Redditch

Special Friends Vets, Redditch

For individual portrait photography, I will spend up to half an hour capturing a selection of high quality portraits. Bring along a change of shirt or tie, any awards or products displaying company branding ? and if you require some more casual images this is also possible.

For product photography, come along to the studio or let me come to you so that I can showcase your brand in a stylish, authentic and original way to increase your visibility, credibility and profitability.

For more information, call 01527 962022 or email me to check availability. Please also check out the websites of the featured businesses and see how my images represent and personalise their brand.

Green Space Salons

Cloudthing Ltd

Special Friends Vets

Thank you.

Katherine x

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