Newborn photography as an artform is still a niche market and such a lovely way to record your baby’s first days. Available in my spacious and comfortable studio as a stand-alone photo shoot or as part of the Stepping Stones package, the Newborn Shoot is ideally booked in after the 20 week scan and we aim for baby to be between 5 days and 3 weeks old. Dates can be shuffled around depending on delivery times but it’s always best to get something in the diary nice and early to ensure you don’t miss out. The shoot lasts up to 3 hours, and partners and siblings are welcome to come along although it might be an idea to have someone bring a younger sibling along for just a small part of the shoot so they don’t get restless!

In order to achieve the sleepy ‘head in hands’ poses the baby needs to be still scrunched up and ‘newborn’ – past 3 weeks most babies will begin to resist the poses and will not sleep deeply enough through the process. Around 10 days old a lot of babies have a growth spurt so might want more regular feeding, and if your baby is breastfed then whatever mum has had to eat the night before can have a bearing on the shoot! Newborn photography takes a lot of planning and patience to get it right, and all these tips and more will be revealed when you get in touch to arrange your newborn photo shoot.