Once children get into double figures they can become self conscious and very busy with their own lives. Pinning them down for some family time in the studio can be quite a challenge! However Teens and Tweens Photography doesn’t have to be a chore, and if they are given an element of control if can actually be fun!

Styled shoots for teens and tweens are designed to showcase their talents and personalities in a way that they are proud of. They can bring along their sports kit, their best friend, their ballet shoes or their guitar and we can incorporate these into the shoot. Once they have had some time with them, we will create the family shots for mum and dad. Mini-makovers are available with our resident stylist should these be required. Once images are in the edit they can have edgy filters applied and we can use black and white effects and increase the tonal contrast for a moodier feel or soften everything for a more dreamy effect. The combination of these steps will ensure your tween or teenager has images they are proud to show their friends, and that you as parents also have images of the family unit that you are proud to share with your friends and family.